Becker Map Pilot for Mercedes-Benz 2018/2019 Map Updates

From a Mercedes Benz dealership Becker® MAP PILOT navigation module.

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About this product


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]From a Mercedes Benz dealership Becker® MAP PILOT navigation module. Fully integrated into vehicle and on-board electronics. All functions and navigation details appear in the instrument cluster and Audio 20 CD display. Can be operated using on-board control elements (multifunction steering wheel, turn/push control, voice control system). Discreetly housed in glove compartment.

Simple to remove for configuration or update via USB connection to PC/laptop. Supplied with map data and POIs for 44 European countries. Route calculated according to latest traffic situation (TMC/Premium TMC) and personal preferences. 3D views, Lane Assistant, realistic display of motorway signs. Can store up to 200 destinations.

Available as optional equipment or as a retrofit solution. Upgrades the Audio 20 CD to a fully fledged navigation unit.

Transforms your Audio 20 radio into a high-performance navigation system with 3D map views.

Becker® MAP PILOT uses the standard-fit 14.7 cm colour TFT display and is conveniently operated via the Audio 20 keypad.

The plug-in navigation module can be connected to your PC via USB to download the latest updates. No problem send us a message with your registration and we will confirm compatibility below is a guide for you.


  • A Class (>09/2012 – <09/2015)
  • B Class (>11/2011 – <11/2014)
  • C Class Limousine (>03/2011 – <03/2014)
  • C Class T-Modell (>03/2011 – <09/2014)
  • C Class Coupé (>06/2011 – <12/2015)
  • CLA Class Coupé (>04/2013 – <11/2014)
  • CLS Class Coupé (>07/2012 – <09/2014)
  • CLS Class Shooting Brake (>10/2012 – <09/2014)
  • E Class Limousine (>07/2012 – <03/2015)
  • E Class T-Modell (>07/2012 – <03/2015)
  • E Class Coupé (>07/2012 – <03/2015)
  • E Class Cabriolet (>07/2012 – <03/2015)
  • GL Class (>12/2012 – <03/2016)
  • GLK Class (>06/2012 – <09/2015)
  • M Class (>11/2011 – <06/2015)
  • SLK Class (>03/2011 – <06/2016)
  • Sprinter (>07/2013) Vito (>09/2014)
  • VW Crafter (>11/2013) >09/2012 – <09/2015)s